Trained in Melbourne, Australia, Nicole Brown has become a reputable and well-known Cosmetic Tattooist in Masterton, New Zealand. Nicole is passionate about every job, creating beautiful eyebrows, lips, and eyeliners with the skills and experience her clients have come to love. “I want my customers to be satisfied with my work, which is why I provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each person's cosmetic tattooing journey.”

“Every face for me is a work of art and with that, each individual has specific needs. For most clients, permanent cosmetics are a way to conveniently enhance their natural facial features. All clients’ procedures contribute to clients feeling better about themselves by improving their external appearance. Cosmetic tattooing is my passion! It is my pleasure and privilege to have you as a client and to achieve your particular goals.”

This process, also known as permanent cosmetics/makeup, micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, is a specialised technique of depositing coloured pigments into the skin to enhance your natural features and appearance. This long lasting procedure is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments available today.




Are you tired of:

Eyebrow and Eyeliner pencils?

 Uneven brows or brows that smear, smudge or wipe off?

Eyeliner that smudges in your eye creases?

Eyebrows that disappear when you swim and sweat?

Lipsticks that stick to your teeth or drinking glass?

Do you have:

A busy and active lifestyle?

Unsteady or arthritic hands?

Allergies to conventional make-up?

Visual impairment, contact lenses or eye glasses?

If you answered YES to any of these questions

then you ARE a candidate for Cosmetic Tattooing.



You can count on Nicole at the PROFESSIONAL BROW COMPANY to not only meet, but exceed all of your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific service.



Microblading is the technique of creating tiny look alike hair-strokes on the skin. This is our most natural looking technique. Microblading lasts around 18 months-2 years. Microblading is not for everyone. Depending on your skin type and thickness, this may not be a recommended service for you. Please enquire for all details.



Pixel eyeliner is perfect for those clients who want a soft, smudged eyeliner look. This can be achieved on both the top and lower lash lines.



This is the perfect technique for people who fill in their brows solidly with powder daily. This is our longest lasting technique lasting up to around three years. Ombre brows are performed in the same way as a powder brow but fade towards the front for a slightly softer look.



Winged eyeliner is for clients wanting a stronger makeup look. Winged eyeliner is only suited to some eye shapes, please attach photos if you are inquiring about this look. 



Combination brows are a combination of both Microblading and Powder brows. The front of the brows is filled with hair looking strokes while the tails are defined with the powder technique. Combination is our most popular technique as it allows your brows to still look fluffy and full while having a beautiful shape.



Lash enhancing eyeliner is placed along your lash line between your lashes. This gives you the illusion of fuller lashes. This technique can be done on both top and bottom lash lines or on the top alone if perferred.



Aqua lips give a soft hint of colour to your lips, these are perfect for those clients wanting to even out their lip line.


Ombre lips are for those clients wanting a strong lipstick look. The colour fades off towards your mouth to give the illusion of fuller lips.


Lip blush gives you a lip stain effect. Great for those clients wanting to gloss and go!

Eyebrow techniques cost $680 and must be followed up with a $150 touch-up 4-6 weeks later.
Lip techniques $600 and must be followed up with a $150 touch-up 6-8weeks later.
Eyeliner tattooing range from $500 - $600 and must be followed up with a $150 touch-up 6 weeks later.

These prices are for new clients to Cosmetic Tattooing only.
If you have previous tattooing elsewhere and are wanting a touch-up, colour-boost or removal please contact me directly for pricing.

We offer genoapay as a finance option. To take advantage of this follow the link provided. Please let me know when booking if you are wanting to pay via genoapay.
A $50 deposit will be taken upon booking. If you can not make you appointment this will only be refunded if I fill your space.

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I had the love _sionaigh in the studio t

Sionaigh McCann

So happy with my brows! It was a painfree experience which so surprised me! Nicole was a star the whole way, and super helpful afterwards with care! 1000000000% reccommend!

The ✨GEORGOUS✨ _katruscoe getting some s

AMAZING!!!! I’m so absolutely happy with my brows! I can’t believe how painless and relaxing it was. Nicole made any apprehension I had disappear fast! Thank you so much Nicole see you in a few weeks! 

Loving these new brows 😍 I am taking up

SO pleased with my new brows!! They look amazing! And have already been told they make me look younger!! 👌 Nicole is professional, gentle and very hygenic!
Will definitly be recommending her to everyone!!! Thanks Nicole 💞

✨IN ACTION✨ getting the brows done 🙌 #n


Your procedure day

  • Wash your hair the night before or morning of your appointment, as you will not be able to wet
    your cosmetic tattoo for 5 days following your treatment.

  • You will need to buy a small tube of Emla or LMX. The cost of these creams
    is about $22 and can be purchased from a Chemist. One hour before your tattoo appointment you should apply half of the tube of Emla cream to
    your brows and then cover it with glad wrap. Follow the instructions carefully. The glad wrap
    stops the cream from drying out. Arrive at your appointment with the glad wrap on, we will
    remove this. Most people fold the glad wrap into a long strip and clip it to either side of your
    hairline to keep it off your eyes. If the numbing cream is not applied correctly it won’t work. Please keep the remainder of your numbing cream for your touchup. NOTE -  This is only required for eyebrow tattooing, all other tattooing will be pre-numbed by me.

  • Wear dark colored clothing to your appointment.

  •  It is not necessary to have your brows tinted or shaped before your appointment. It is recommended to wait at least two weeks to have them tinted after the procedure if you wish to keep tinting them.

  • Together we will discuss what technique you are wanting and what will suit your face shape and skin type.

  • I will map your brows using certain points on your face. This gives you an eyebrow shape perfect for your facial features.

  • I cannot tattoo lips outside of the vermillion border of your lips. if you are wanting fuller lips I suggest get fillers at least two weeks before your appointment.

  • Your procedure will last 1 hour although the allocated time for your appointment will be at least 2 hours. PLEASE NOTE – We do not allow friends or family in the room during your treatment as this may cause

  • Your permanent cosmetic procedure will be performed with anesthetic. Anesthetic will be applied during your treatment by me to help make it pain-free.

  • Your cosmetic tattoo WILL appear bolder immediately after the procedure. This is common in all permanent cosmetic applications. It will begin to soften after a few days. In eyebrows, hair strokes appear crisp and bold at first, but will soften as the tissue heals.

  • Clients with darker skin (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.), please know that due to your skin color that is naturally darker pigment, the Hair Stroke Eyebrows  will NOT appear as defined or as dark as on lighter skin types. If wanting lip tattoo, I need to have a photo on inquiry as highly pigmented lips cannot be tattooed.

  • Before you go home make sure to review your written post treatment instructions. Please ask any questions that you may have.

  • You will be given aftercare to use at home following your procedure. Please keep your aftercare cream in a safe place and bring to your touchup appointment. Replacement aftercare creams are $20

  •  Your touch up procedure will be scheduled at your initial procedure appointment if not done so prior. Occasionally some people do require a third touchup depending on how your skin retains pigment. If a third touchup is required this is charged the same as the original touchup cost.

  • After your treatment you may experience some slight redness and/or mild swelling. You are welcome to take mild pain killers after your procedure if needed and antihistamines for swelling.

  • Most clients return to work the same day, eyebrow cosmetic tattooing is reasonably pain free.

  • You may feel a mild throbbing as the anesthetic wears off.

  • You will not be able to do physical exercise after your treatment until your brows are healed. This does not apply to lip and eyeliner procedures.



Some medications and procedures may impact your ability to have cosmetic Tattooing. Please read the list below and let me know if any relate to you. NOTE: Some things on the list we need to be aware of but may not impact your ability to have cosmetic tattooing

  • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding – Must be able to pump and dump 2 feeds immediately after procedure to get rid of anything in your system, Tattooing while pregnant is not accepted.

  • Contagious skin disorders – cannot treat until clear

  • Diabetic – depending on type and severity, may need a doctor’s approval

  • Recent chemical peel or laser treatment/any facials – 2-4 weeks before treatment and after treatment, avoid brow area after treatment

  • Bruise easily

  • Used Retin A or Glycolic acids –Must be at least 4 weeks of not using before treatment and don’t use over the tattoo after

  • Any problems healing small wounds 

  • Oily skin fades quicker, due to the skin producing so much oil, it pushes out the pigment quicker. This skin type is not suited to microblading

  • Heart conditions – I need a doctor’s consent, due to the anesthetic we use (Epinephrine)

  • Autoimmune disorders - Contact me to discuss which medication you are using.

  • Fillers and botox – Cannot tattoo 2 weeks before and after treatment

  • Keloid scarring – We cannot treat you.

  • Seizure related conditions – You must have your doctors’ consent for treatment and use of anesthetics. You must have an accompanying adult

  • Excessive bleeder – This may cause your tattoo to fade

  • Depression – make sure you are in the correct mindset as this can be a nerve-wracking process

  • Been tattooed before and had problems healing and fading - I need to know prior to appointment

  • Chemotherapy/radiation – You cannot be treated without doctor’s clearance

  • Roaccutane use – Cannot be tattooed until 6 months-1 year off medicine

  • Cold sores/herpes simplex - I need to know if you have ever had a cold sore, if so you need to take Valtrex or Famvie from the chemist. - APPLIES TO LIP TATTOOING ONLY

  • Wear contact lenses - Bring a container to remove them if tattooing eyeliner

  • Allergic to metals - Anaphylactic

  • Any type of hair growth serum - Must be off for 6weeks prior to tattoo, if return to use after eyeliner tattoo it will fade faster 

  • Previous hyperpigmentation in wound areas

  • For eyeliner tattoo, all false lashes and extensions must be removed including glue.

  • Prescription drugs of any sort – I need to know any medication you are on that may cause photosensitizing including Antibiotics and anti Inflammatory Medications

  • Dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis – I can not treat if around eyebrow area.

  • Fake tan/use of sunbeds –  Do not use 2 weeks prior or after.

  • Any cancer history – I need a doctors’ certificate

  • Glaucoma

  • Hepatitis – (Liver) anesthetic is processed through the liver and can result in pain

  • Please also note you must avoid sweating for 5 days post treatment - Eyebrow tattooing only


Properly applied Permanent Cosmetics

looks so natural that your friends never know, however the opposite is also true. You realize, of course, that your face is a very important part of your overall appearance and wellbeing. Choosing the right artist/technician is vital to your wellbeing. Not all permanent cosmetic artists/technicians are equal. Like many things, it is Buyer Beware. Picking a technician based on the lowest price “quoted” without regard to skills and sanitation standards is not recommended. It is suggested that you look for a permanent cosmetic technician in the same way that you research doctor, dentist, etc.

Skills and Experience

Although ethics dictates that a person only offer permanent cosmetic services when he/she is skilled and credentialed to do so, many are not qualified. Tattoo equipment can be purchased online by anyone.

“Artists/Technicians” can purchase video training without having completed any hands on procedures or successfully passing competency examinations. This is clearly dangerous!

Communication and Customer Service

The ability to communicate honestly with your technician is of paramount importance. You will be telling her/him how you want to look, the color(s) and design work you prefer. Your technician will be conveying information during and after the procedure regarding after care, follow up appointments and important details that require you both to understand one another.

Communication and customer service follows through after the procedure until the procedure area is healed. Most permanent cosmetic technicians, who respect their profession and their art, require one follow up visit after the initial procedure has healed to ensure that both parties are happy with the results. If the follow up visit is not offered, that technician is below the standard of care in the industry

If you are considering permanent cosmetics, I am dedicated to helping you make the right decision for you. Getting a permanent cosmetic procedure, like choosing a professional to enhance your appearance or any health related services, without doing the proper research can be heartbreaking. The outcome can be disastrous when basic requirements are not met. 

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